Lancaster believes that beauty is a lifelong journey, one that began for us in 1940. Present in 40 countries, with 500 patents and 1500 professionals, the brand has an international reputation in sun-exposure management and anti-aging.

Beauty starts in your DNA, in science that treats aging at source, not just on the surface. Beyond step change DNA technology they have introduced many breakthroughs in recent decades. Beauty, like DNA, is unique for each woman. By controlling it at every age, each woman can stay true to herself. All Lancaster skin and sun products offer DNA action.


Beautiful skin starts with a good skincare routine.
Daily cleansing & toning, or Masks and Scrubs for now and then, to keep your skin in tip-top condition.


Breakthrough 365 Cellular Elixir, Youth Renewal Serum addresses skin aging at its root. 365 days a year it helps repair the 3 main types of DNA damage - UV rays, Pollution and Stress - and prevents future signs of skin aging. With your skin’s DNA restored, new youth infuses into the cells day after day. Your skin becomes noticeably more radiant, firmer, visibly younger.


Moisture or anti-ageing? Skin Therapy does it all. Lancaster, with 15 years experience in oxygen technology, brings you SKIN THERAPY, a new generation of anti-ageing moisturizers that give your skin the oxygen it needs to stay full of energy and to help it fight signs of ageing.


Trap wrinkles from every angle ! The 1st anti-wrinkle programme to provide 4-directional targeted repair action fill-in, smooth-out, push-up wrinkles. All wrinkles, even deep set ones, are reduced. Delicately-scented, fresh, light, soft-touch textures for a luxurious feeling of well-being.



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